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VITAL WorkLife provides a proven, research based, four phase Physician Intervention Program to help healthcare organizations deal effectively and compassionately with disruptive physicians.We also offer a 3-month Coaching & Support Program, including up to 6 confidential face-to-face or telephonic counseling and/or coaching sessions with a physician peer coach and/or a senior-level master’s or doctorate-level behavioral health provider.

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VIDEO: Emotional Intelligence for Physicians and Providers

Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley shares about Emotional Intelligence, specifically as it pertains to Physicians and Providers and addresses:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • How do I evaluate my own Emotional Intelligence?
  • What are some indicators I have a problem with Emotional Intelligence?

VIDEO: Emotional Intelligence for Physicians and Providers


VIDEO: Why Emotional Intelligence is Important for Physicians and Providers

From her own experience both in medical practice and as physician mentor and peer coach, Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley discusses the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) for Physicians and Providers.

The increasing reliance on multidisciplinary teams in the healthcare environment makes EI an even more critical skill, with the potential to impact productivity, personal and professional relationships, job satisfaction — and ultimately, patient outcomes.

VIDEO:  Why Emotional Intelligence is Important for Physicians and Providers


WEBINAR: Emotional Intelligence: Fostering a Culture of Resilience in Medicine

In this webinar, learn how to improve your own Emotional Intelligence (EI) or how to address concerns within your organization. Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley, examines:

  • Implications of EI on physicians/providers, patients and healthcare organizations
  • How EI and resilience are interrelated
  • Strategies for defining, managing and cultivating a culture of EI and resilience

VIDEO:  Helping Organizations Address Concerns with Physicians