Best Practices for the COVID-19 Recovery Process

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The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing on longer than many predicted, and it is more important now than ever to ensure the well-being of clinicians on the frontlines. 

Contemporary medicine has produced new stressors: lost autonomy, institutional productivity requirements, the complexities of insurance and EMRs, an aging patient population with multiple comorbidities and much more.

The pandemic has added exponentially to these sources of stress and it’s important to be able to recognize and name the consequences. Here is a look at four major conditions showing up among clinicians: compassion fatigue, moral injury, second victim syndrome and PTSD.

Download our article, Best Practices for the COVID-19 Recovery Process, by Dr. Susan Wilson, to learn more about the importance of caring for your clinicians' well-being, knowledge on how to provide assistance in recovery and practical advice on how to navigate the complex needs of your organization throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.