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Resources from VITAL WorkLife to support physicians and healthcare organizations with suicide awareness, prevention and how to support colleagues who are struggling.

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Article: Healing the Healer: Providing a Path Towards Physician Suicide Prevention

There’s a painful fact about medicine today, one practitioners and healthcare organizations are often hesitant to talk about: physicians choose to end their lives at a rate around twice the rest of the general population.

Key Points:

  • A look at factors pushing physicians from burnout to suicide 
  • What healthcare organizations can do to help their physicians in need
  • The role of colleagues who witness fellow physicians struggling with burnout

Download "Healing the Healer: Providing a Path to Physician Suicide Prevention" to learn more about the drivers of physician suicide and actions for prevention.

55% of physicians know a physician who has considered, attempted or died by suicide, according to new data from the Physicians Foundation

Additional Resources

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Infographic: Weathering the Storm: Physician Burnout, Depression and Suicide

Suicide is a complex and often daunting issue with multiple contributing factors. Download the infographic and learn more about the relationship between physician burnout, depression and suicide.

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Healing the healer

Webinar: Healing the Healer: Awareness and Prevention Strategies for Physician Suicide

Learn about factors pushing physicians from depression to suicide, recognizing the role of leaders and colleagues who witness a struggling physician and strategies to enhance physician well being and educate colleagues on when to reach out to a physician. 

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Article: Physician Suicide: One Family's Story of Unthinkable Loss, Pain, Awareness and Growth

Read the story of Dr. Matthew Gall, who tragically died by suicide in 2019, as told by his wife, Betsy Gall. Betsy shares Matthew's situation leading up to his death, what she believes were barriers and stigma preventing her husband from seeking support and more.

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Webinar with VITAL WorkLife & Betsy Gall: Physician Suicide Interview

Hear real, raw and powerful words from Betsy Gall about her husband, Dr. Matthew Gall, who died by suicide in 2019, and what he was experiencing leading up to his death. You will hear what Betsy believes prevented her husband from getting the help he needed, the stigma and fear he felt about losing his medical license and more.

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Blog: Recognizing and Addressing Signs of Suicide

Read this blog to understand warning signs of suicide, how you can support a colleague, when to take a step back, and what organizations can do to support their physicians who are struggling.

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eBook: To Save a Physician

This eBook tells a powerful story about a healthcare organization and its physicians—one who is struggling herself—in the aftermath of a colleague's death.

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Webinar: A Personal Story of Suicidality and Survival

Loice Swisher, MD, FAAFP, shares here story so that others who are suffering can see that there are ones who made it to the other side—practice of medicine and life intact. It is exceedingly important to realize stories of hope and recovery are true.

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