Physician Stress Statistics

Causes of Physician Stress

  • 48% Healthcare Reform
  • 43% Paperwork
  • 57% work/life balance



In a recent article we posted from Dr. Fred Tobis, he discusses the problem of Organizations not proactively addressing physician and provider Stress and Burnout. He reports, healthcare organizations are not dealing effectively with physician burnout. In fact, in a recent survey of over 2,000 physicians, only 18% said their organizations were helping them to effectively deal with stress and burnout. The organizations dealing with it, are dealing with physician burnout after it manifests itself. They are so busy TREATING the disease of burnout, they are not focusing on its PREVENTION.

Unfortunately, once the burnout disease manifests itself, it has almost always spread to others. It takes only one or two disgruntled physicians to create a toxic organizational culture, destroying trust and collaboration and slowing or disabling strategic initiatives needed for organizational survival and growth.

"It is critical for organizations to develop strategies for preventing or at least reducing physician burnout." 

Today’s healthcare organizations have three choices in dealing with physician burnout:

  • Ignore it
  • Treat it
  • Prevent it

Interested in evaluating the cost of inaction?

Ignoring the problem won't fix it, and the financial impact of doing nothing, is far greater than the cost of implementing a preemptive solution.

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