How Organizations Can Make an Impact on the Emotional Aftermath of COVID-19

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As positive news of the COVID-19 pandemic begins to trickle through, it has become clear the hardships clinicians have endured these past few months will have long-lasting ramifications.

Everyone in the world is hoping for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes, the brave and dedicated healthcare workers in your organization, whose mental and emotional health has been tested daily by the rigors and traumas of COVID-19 care, will take a victory lap. But the battle won't be over for them.

In describing what he hopes will become the compassionate “new normal,” Dr. Gaurava Agarwal, a peer coach for VITAL WorkLife, points to some of the lessons the pandemic has taught us—not just about treating the virus, but about organizing work in new ways—like telemedicine—contributing to clinician well being as well as good outcomes for patients.

Download our article, How Organizations Can Impact the Emotional Aftermath of COVID-19, by Guarava Agarwal, MD, to learn more about how healthcare organizations can take steps to ensure their team members are adequately cared for, in the present and long-term.